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back in bed


why is it more sustainable?

Back in Bed is a collection of hand-crafted quilts made with recycled linen and wool.

The outer cover is linen and the infill is wool. These quilts are made with recycled yarn collected from the company’s take-back program, so they’re new products made with discarded ones.

All IN BED linen is OEKO TEX 100-certified and holds a European Flax certification, which ensures European origin and production as well as sustainable cultivation methods.

These quilts are made locally in South Australia. As a whole, IN BED production happens between Europe and Asia. All partner factories are listed on IN BED website, with specific indications of product manufactured and factory certifications. Only sea freight is used to ship products from supplier to warehouse and shipments are consolidated to reduce their impact. Production is forecasted carefully to prevent overproduction. The small amount of disused or faulty stock that still occurs is kept for warehouse sales or donated to charity partners.

IN BED has started a circular program where products are taken back at end-of-life. Returned products are either passed on to the local animal rescue organization RSPCA or sent to Textile Recyclers Australia to be turned it into recycled yarn for reuse in new products, like these quilts.

Products are packaged in linen bags made with production offcuts that can be easily reused. Otherwise, they can be sent back and will be reused as packaging for new products. Boxes are made of FSC-certified cardboard and everything can be recycled: the water adhesive paper tape that seals the box, the paper wrapping the products, the sticker sealing the paper, and the product tags.

IN BED is transparent about its processes and objectives, and shares in-progress sustainability goals openly on its website. IN BED also holds itself accountable for social sustainability, making sure minority groups and marginalized communities are included, understood and supported. Charitable organizations are supported directly with regular donations.

IN BED is also a Certified B-Corporation, a label that proves high social standards and care for the environment in business, as well as the willingness to further improve.

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