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about riivin:

towards sustainable interior design

riivin is a platform dedicated to sustainable interior design options.

The name riivin (pronounced /ˈrɪv.ɪŋ/ – like living with an r) is a compound of the word living plus a number of concepts that represent a sustainable attitude to design: responsibility, reinvention, restoration, reuse, respect.
A name that wants to stress the role of living spaces in sustainable development.

On riivin, you’ll find a curated selection of more sustainable interior design products (with detailed explanations), options to purchase second-hand or rent furnishings, an in-depth sustainable design glossary, and more…

➤ independent

The platform is completely independent and unsponsored. All content comes from unbiased research, without sponsorships or commercial agreements with brands. Similarly, riivin does not get any commission if you choose to buy products or use the resources mentioned on the platform.

Instead, riivin lives thanks to a growing community of design professionals and enthusiasts that are interested in sustainable development and committed to making more sustainable design choices.

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➤ content-driven

What makes a product sustainable? On riivin, each product comes with a detailed explanation of what makes it a more sustainable choice, exploring the many faces of sustainability.

➤ empowering

Delving into the complexity behind the term sustainable, riivin empowers more informed buying choices, contributing to a genuine sustainable transition in the design industry.

why is it more sustainable?

On riivin, this recurrent question introduces the explanation of what makes each product a more sustainable choice.

The more is to remind that sustainability is a journey and it’s always possible to do better. The goal of this platform is unveiling the many aspects of sustainability and highlighting things to look for as consumers – all while keeping in mind that sustainability is rarely if ever a yes-no statement.

“no one can do everything, but everyone can do something”

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riivin supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:

11 - sustainable cities and communities
make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

12 - responsible consumption and production
ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns

about the founder

Photo of Silvia, the creator of riivin. Hi! I’m Silvia, interior designer and content creator.
My design philosophy is rooted in the relationship between people, nature, and design – in short biophilic design and sustainability.
The research I carry out daily for my design projects is what inspired the creation of riivin, a practical tool for designers and design enthusiasts wanting to make more sustainable interior design choices. I truly hope you’ll find riivin inspiring, helpful, and you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

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