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rating system

Rating system values: independency, design first, life cycle, circular design, public information.

➤ independency

The choice and analysis of products featured on riivin come entirely from independent research and are not sponsored nor financed by brands.

➤ design first

Another advantage of being independent is that big names, small brands and emerging designers live side-by-side on riivin. Only requirement: a genuine commitment to sustainable development.

➤ life cycle

When assessing products, the entire product life cycle is taken into account: from material sourcing to end-of-life.

➤ circular design

Preference is given to products that embrace a circular mindset, reusing non-virgin resources, reducing waste across the supply chain, and regenerating natural ecosystems.

➤ public information

The assessment is based on publicly available information. A deliberate choice that wants to send a signal to the industry, highlighting the importance of transparency for sustainable development.