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riivin+ membership:

a wider, deeper, and actionable perspective on sustainable interior design

Meant for professionals and design enthusiasts alike, the 3 plans unlock progressively more in-depth content, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

all content is fully independent and unsponsored

riivin+ products

extra products

wider selection of products in furniture, lighting, accessories, textiles, tableware plus in additional categories:

baby + kids

how it helps

riivin product selection supports you in your design choices (and your specifications if you’re a design professional), providing responsible product options, and saving you tons of research time.
In addition, the why is it more sustainable? sections give an overview of how the design industry is moving towards more sustainable practices, highlighting what makes each product a more sustainable choice.

Preview of riivin+ products members’ area.

riivin+ platform

advanced search

more detailed searching experience introducing additional filters:

→ room
→ product material
sustainable values
→ brand
→ brand location

how it helps

riivin+ advanced search refines the searching experience on riivin, giving you more options to find exactly what you need: pieces made of recycled glass, outdoor furniture…you name it!

Preview of riivin+ advanced search.

brand map

overview of all brands featured in the platform on an interactive map to easily locate them

how it helps

riivin+ brand map allows you to easily locate the brands that are closest to you (or to your client). The map is interactive: you can move around, zoom in and out, as well as search for the location you need.

Preview of riivin+ brand map.

riivin+ content


in-depth glossary with 100+ words related to sustainability, the impact of design on the environment, and sustainable design strategies

how it helps

Sustainable development is a giant subject that hides several levels of complexity, and riivin glossary aims at bringing some clarity.
All definitions are concise yet detailed, giving you a deeper understanding of the relationship between sustainability and the design industry.

Preview of riivin+ glossary.

second-hand options

→ selection of second-hand marketplaces by location (worldwide coverage)
→ selection of brands offering second-hand options

how it helps

Aimed at providing a wider and deeper perspective on sustainable interior design, riivin+ unlocks access to a selection of second-hand options: specific marketplaces and brands. The marketplaces deal with design icons, vintage pieces, and contemporary design, giving you plenty of pre-loved options no matter the style you’re looking for. This section also includes brands that directly offer second-hand options through dedicated showrooms, refurbished product sections in their shops, and more…

Preview of riivin+ second-hand options section.

rental options

→ selection of furniture rental platforms by location (worldwide coverage)
→ selection of products available for renting directly by the brand

how it helps

riivin+ also provides rental options. This includes a selection of furniture rental platforms by location (worldwide coverage), as well as a collection of products that are available for renting directly by the brand.

Preview of riivin+ rental options section.

extra categories

additional products in extra categories for full-project needs:

more to come…

how it helps

These extra categories complete the product selection on riivin+, supporting you through all interior design specifications: from finishes to the final decorative touches.

Preview of riivin+ extra categories section.

biophilic design picks

selection of products that are responsibly made and reflect a biophilic design ethos

how it helps

The products in this section bring together sustainability and biophilic design. They’re responsibly made and reflect a biophilic design approach, embodying the essence of nature.

Preview of riivin+ biophilic design picks section.

Change comes from the individual choices we choose to make for us and our clients, and the reason why riivin exists is to help transition the design industry to more sustainable standards from the bottom up.  Let’s drive the change!


Preview of the members’ area.


how does riivin+ memberships work?

Once you’ve finalized your payment, you’ll get an email to enter your personal riivin+ account. As you log in, you’ll have access to all premium content included in your membership plan.

can I modify my subscription?

Yes! From your account settings, you can always switch to a different membership plan as well as change your payment periodicity (monthly/yearly).

can I cancel my subscription?

riivin+ subscriptions renew automatically. But of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your account settings. In this case, you’ll still get access to the premium content of your plan until the end of the period you paid for (ex. end of the current month if you chose monthly payment). After that, your access to all premium content (already published and new) will be stopped.

can I gift the access to riivin+?

Not for now, but this option is in the roadmap. Watch this space!

do you offer student discounts?

This is not a standard option right now, but monthly payment options are hopefully making the investment more accessible. Still, if you live in a country where riivin+ membership prices are prohibitively high, email me at [email protected], and we’ll find a way!

can I use the content from riivin+ in my projects?

riivin was born to empower change in the real world, so you can definitely apply the content from this platform to your projects. The only things that are (clearly) not allowed are copying, reproducing, distributing, or selling the content from riivin and riivin+. If you apply the content from this platform to your projects, I ask you to please credit riivin in your sources – thank you!

which personal data do you collect?

riivin collects only your email address and the name you use to create your account. riivin does not collect your payment data. Payment information is transmitted and stored by Paddle (our Merchant of Record -

can I inspect the personal data you collect?

riivin is GDPR compliant. You can download your personal data collected by riivin directly on your profile page.

other questions?

You can email me at [email protected] for any further questions/doubts you might have. I'll be happy to help!