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ethical manifesto

I genuinely believe in the importance of work ethics – both offline and online. This reflects on how I run this website in a variety of ways.


I do not own the images shown on this website and pictures are all credited, as a sign of respect for the work of others. But nobody is perfect. So please email me if you find any crediting mistake and I will correct it promptly!


I love the Internet because it makes a lot of information available and easy to reach. For this reason, I particularly care that the content I produce is as inclusive as possible. My developer and I are doing our best to make riivin accessible. This is an ongoing journey and we’re willing to get better. So you’re welcome to email me if you find issues with the accessibility of this website. We do care and will try to fix them as soon as possible! Thanks!

You’re always welcome to email me for any further comment/suggestion!