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David Trubridge

why is it more sustainable?

Sola is a pendant lamp made of bamboo plywood.

All bamboo used by David Trubridge comes from sustainably managed forests and is a “secondary product”, which means it’s sourced from forests grown as a food source.
Production uses E0 glues to avoid formaldehyde emissions.

David Trubridge is adopting more sustainable practices throughout its supply chain. Production is powered with renewable energy and most waste produced in the factory is reused. For instance, sawdust is used to generate electricity. All David Trubridge lamps are sold disassembled to reduce the impact of transportation.

Part of David Trubridge revenues are donated to the Maraetōtara Tree Trust: a project aimed at restoring the ecosystem and establishing protected habitats for native plants and wildlife along Maraetōtara river – an area that suffered from livestock pollution, willow tree infestation and a general lack of care and protection of river margins.

sustainable values

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