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why is it more sustainable?

Shibui is a coffee table made with bamboo.

All the bamboo used by Ōragi is FSC-certified and is shipped to the UK (where production takes place) via sea freight only, to reduce the impact of transportation. Additionally, the company performs life cycle assessments on all materials prior to selecting them for its products.

At Ōragi, waste is minimized throughout production and reused either for samples or in various other ways. For bamboo, sawdust is used in planting soil and as bedding material for pets. All Ōragi products are crafted by hand and made-to-order manufacturing prevents the impact of overproduction. With the Ōragi Recirculate program, the company provides extensive support throughout the entire lifetime of its products. This includes repairs and replacement of individual components if needed, as well as a point of contact to recirculate worn/damaged materials responsibly.

sustainable values

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