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why is it more sustainable?

Eternity is a chair made with a waste-based material.

Named Matek®, the material consists of fibre-based waste (such as sawdust or coffee bean shells) mixed with a recycled plastic binder. The material also incorporates e-waste, an otherwise very hard-to-recycle waste stream. Waste is sourced from post-industrial and post-consumer cycles.

Mater has a comprehensive approach to sustainability which includes responsible raw material sourcing and the use of several waste streams as resources. The company conducts LCAs for its products, as a way to measure and improve their environmental impact throughout the whole life cycle. Products are designed for disassembly and a wide range of spare parts is made available. Mater also takes back all products made of Matek® to recycle the material and turn it into new products.
Mater has joined the UN Global Compact, committing to the highest standards in terms of human rights, labour and environmental responsibility. Progress is shared transparently in a yearly Sustainability Report published on the company’s website.

sustainable values

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