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Chhatwal & Jonsson

why is it more sustainable?

Una is a rug made of natural fibres: 80% wool and 20% cotton.

The wool comes from New Zealand and cotton is sourced from BCI-Better Cotton Initiative crops. Made with only natural materials, all Chhatwal & Jonsson rugs are fully recyclable.

To reduce the environmental footprint of wool combing, twisting and dyeing, Chhatwal & Jonsson works with certified partners that power their operations with renewable energy and make use of recycled purified water.

Chhatwal & Jonsson is creating a fully transparent supply chain introducing traceability. All rugs come with a tracking number that allows retracing all steps from wool production in New Zealand to spinning, dyeing, weaving, and washing in India. Artisans’ working conditions are inspected and regulated by an independent auditing agency to ensure good standards are maintained.
Chhatwal & Jonsson monitors the overall impact of its operations by rating products according to an internal Impact Calculator. The score ranges from “avoiding harmful activities for people & planet” to “generating positive and measurable social & environmental impact” – which is where traceable rugs belong.

sustainable values

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