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why is it more sustainable?

Ombra is a solid wood coffee table.

In particular, the top is made reusing small offcuts from internal production. All Zanat wood comes either from FSC-certified local forests or privately owned walnut and cherry orchards. Fruit trees are re-planted regularly, and using their wood is a way to reduce forest exploitation.

Zanat specializes in hand-carved wood, following a long-lived traditional technique that has been inscribed onto the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. All Zanat products are handcrafted by artisans, and the company is active in training new generations of craftsmen.

Waste is minimized throughout production. For wood, offcuts are used to craft smaller products (like this one), while scraps and sawdust are burnt to kiln-dry raw timber and heat the company spaces. All packaging uses biodegradable materials. Zanat is active in biodiversity conservation activities. The company is contributing to the preservation of local trout species and has committed to planting 3 new trees for every tree that is felled for production.

sustainable values

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