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Roger Oates Design

why is it more sustainable?

Hembury is a chair made with a wool-waste-based material.

Named Solidwool, the material consists of wool mixed with bio-resin. Wool comes from the Herdwick sheep, an iconic local breed whose coarse wool used to be employed for carpet manufacturing. Over time, its perceived value declined and Herdwick wool is now seen as just a by-product of sheep breeding. Solidwool creates a valuable application for this wool, supporting the shepherds that depend on it and care for the wild landscape it comes from. The resin currently contains 50% renewable content that is sourced from waste streams of other industrial processes, such as wood pulp and bio-fuels production. Legs are handmade out of locally and sustainably sourced ash wood, and the frame is made of recycled steel.

Roger Oates Design keeps working on making Solidwool more and more environmentally conscious, for example by increasing the percentage of wool in the mix and the renewable content in the resin.

All production takes place locally in the UK.

sustainable values

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