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Original Home

why is it more sustainable?

Checker is a chair made of repurposed natural materials.

The legs are made with reclaimed wood salvaged from old Indonesian houses, barns, boats, and trucks.
The seat is crafted by weaving Abaca. Abaca is a species of banana tree grown in Java, Indonesia. Banana trees are felled when they no longer produce fruits, practically becoming waste. To give them a new life, their bark is manually peeled off, sun-dried and twisted into ropes that can then be woven.

All Original Home products are handmade by artisans living in rural areas from Bangladesh, Indonesia (like this chair) and Tanzania. Original Home creates fair and dignified job opportunities locally, improving living conditions for entire communities. Detailed information about the makers is shared on the company website, including the number of people employed in every area and related social initiatives.

sustainable values

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